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Arrive & Drive

TimeAttack Plan

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It can be used without reservation.

≪Karting menu≫

🔰First time users🔰


​1000 yen

*Includes driving fee

You need a license to drive.

If you have forgotten or lost your luggage, please inform the reception desk.

No annual fee and no expiration date.

Advance web registration is available here .

*Please also check the racer mask separately.
*Minors will need parental consent.


For minors

Minors must have their parent's consent and signature when applying for a license.
Please bring a parent or guardian with you on the day, or fill out the form in advance and bring it with you.


Drive & Check!
Check your best lap times on My Page!


​What is TimeAttack?

This is the normal way to drive in this circuit.
Before you drive, we will make a "session" for you. The karting are done in sessions (groups) that match the same level and First-timers can avoid running with the fastest people.

This is a Peace of mind to get into karting for the first time!


Each session is a 5minute time attack.
It does not necessarily mean that the leader is in first place.
If you are even one lap faster than the others in the 5 minutes, you will be awarded first place.

In addition, you will receive  printed  your results after each session.
You can also check your "ranking for the day" and "ranking for the month" as well in the result.
There is also a level board in the store that gives you an idea of your time and a strategy chart.

If you ask the staff, they might be able to give you some tips!


If one run is not enough for you, we recommend our discount coupon tickets.
Rental Go karting is a great way to get away from the stresses of life or even new hobby! Please come and experience the thrill and excitement. We employing the speed control system for those who are worried about their first time. 
Let's enjoy Karting!!

​Other necessary charges


entrance fee

Adults: 600 yen

ES/JHS: 100 yen

Nonhoi Park: Access to Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Gardens

It is required when entering the school.
There is also a great value Annual Pass available.

For more details, please check the button below.


Parking fee/day

Regular car: 200 yen

Medium & large car: 400 yen

Nohoi Park: Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Gardens

This is necessary if you are coming by car.

The East Gate Parking Lot is conveniently located close to the circuit.

For other plans


Group Race

Group races are available for groups of 4 or more and no reservations are required.

This is a simple race plan. Adult karts only.

■Mini GP Qualifying 5 minutes/Final 12 laps ¥3000/person

There are other plans with longer driving times available.

*For beginners, we recommend the grade according to the speed system.

It will be driven. It is recommended that you do at least one sports run.

​For more information on the speed system, please seeHere】from


Private reserved

With friends or for company recreation etc.

This plan is recommended for those considering group use.

We can also provide plans to suit your needs, such as race methods.

You can rent out 4 cars on weekdays and 6 cars on weekends and holidays.

​Reservations must be made at least one week in advance.


​SWS Official Race

The world's largest rental kart rankings

You can participate in the SodiWorldSeries (hereinafter referred to as SWS).

Registration is easy and free.

To participate in the race, you will need an SWS-ID.

​If you wish to participate, you must apply in advance.



1-238, Aza Oana, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, Japan

   Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Garden Amusement Park Zone


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