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Group race
Normal kart only

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Available without reservation

long gp​*Weekdays only


5000 yen/person

Practice: 5 minutes
Qualifying: 5 minutes

Final race: 24 laps.
This is an easy race plan.

​ *There will be breaks between each session.

​Breakdown: Circuit usage fee 4000 yen + race participation fee 1000 yen

What is a group race?

Available without reservation is plan that you can race.


Of course, winning or losing can be decided even in sports driving,

But now that you've come to the circuit, why not aim for the podium?

The number of runs varies depending on the plan, but the details of the run are

"Practice run": It is a run for practice literally. It runs in a time attack format.

As with sports driving, we will start from PIT.

"Qualifying time attack": It is a run to decide the grid position of the final.

In the time attack format, the 1st place became the 1st grid of the final.

After that, the 2nd place will be connected to the 2nd grid.

This is also a start from PIT.

"Final Race": This race will determine the final ranking.

Unlike the time attack so far, it is lined up on the course as shown in the image

and the signals will start all at once.

The tension at the moment when the signal turns green and the moment when everyone jumps into the corner at once

No matter how many times you taste it, it's awesome!


And after the race is the award ceremony.

Take a commemorative photo with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the podium

In addition, trophies to liven up the awards ceremony are available as an option.

"I want to be number one ...!" In such a case, let's practice with "11-ticket"!

Tips for getting faster You may want to ask the staff how to win the race.


​Other necessary charges


entrance fee

Adult 600 yen

7~15 years old 100 yen(under 7 yaers old free)

Nonhoi Park: To Toyohashi Zoological and Botanical Park.

It is required when entering the park.
There is also an advantageous [ annual passport ]

​For details, click the button below.


Parking fee/1 day

Standard-size car 200 yen

Medium and large vehicles 400 yen

Nonhoi Park: in Toyohashi General Botanical Park.

It is required when coming by car.

The East Gate parking lot is convenient for the circuit.

For other plans






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