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Speed ​​System Information for adult

For beginners to enjoy with peace of mind
Introducing speed system
When you clear the target time
It goes up automatically grade from the following session

​Let's clear the target time and aim for step up!

​Grade D


Beginner speed

Those who do not have a driver's license.

Or first timer
(junior high school student).

Recommended for those who are new to sports karts.

40.000 sec


​Grade C

Intermediate speed

​Those who have cleared the grade D time

Or for those who do not have a driving licence and are new to the sport (high school age and above).

33.000 sec


​Grade B

Speed for advanced users

Those who have cleared the Grade C

You must have a car driving licence or other circuit licence.

*May drive with Grade A passengers

28.500 sec


​Grade A

MAX speed (without limiter)

Those who have cleared the Grade B

*May drive with grade B






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