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1-238, Aza Oana, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, Japan

   Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Garden Amusement Park Zone


Another fun event is coming this year!

親子で楽しめるイベント 子供BTR GWにレーサーデビュー

The popular annual Child BTR is a lap time competition for children called "Best Time Ranking."

①"親子でGO!GO! " is a division in which the fastest lap times of parents and children are combined to compete.


・Faster than total lap time 72.000seconds to clear.

 If cleared the criterion, you will receive a fun gift!


・Faster than total lap time 60.000seconds to clear.

 If cleared the criterion, you will receive a pair kart ticket!!

②"部門別タイムアタック大会" is Time attack competition by category.

★Parent and Child Ranking Class.

★Beginner Class - Under than 30.000seconds is eligible.

★Intermediate Class - Subject from 27.000seconds to 29.999seconds.

★Advanced Class - Faster than 26.999seconds is eligible.

Please note that applications are self-declared.

Please declared best lap time at the front desk before leaving the circuit.

Please ask our local staff for details.


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